At the age of 44 I have achieved a goal of travelling and working around the world. After 10 years working in the Australian industry as a freelance stylist for both editorial and advertising clients I found myself dropping everything to move to Europe. My dream client was Hermes Paris and with nothing but suitcases full of shoes and clothing I packed and moved to Switzerland.Zurich was not the usual base for a stylist in Europe but proved to be a place full of wonderful opportunities and even better friends. And yes I did get to work for that dream client.

Within those eight years away my styling work took me to countries such as Morocco, India, Indonnesia, France, USA, Thailand, Germany and many others. I expanded from a fashion stylist to a food/interior/travel/beauty and still-life stylist. I had the opportunity to work for food, interior and fashion magazines and many many wonderful advertising clients.

In the last few years my craving for longer term projects and more tangible results has led me to be involved in the production, creative direction and publishing of books aswell as brochures and catalogues for clients around the world. I like to be involved in every aspect of the creative process quite often organising everything from locations, concept and production through to makeup artists and photographers. I love the impossible when it comes to logistics.

The travel has also led to amazing opportunities such as the chance to design my own furniture, homewares and fabric collections for clients both in Europe and Asia. This has also expanded to interior design and showroom design.

I am now based back in Zurich with one Swiss husband and one Swiss dog in tow. My regular forays into Asia continue as does a very close relationship with Elle Decor in Thailand. Bangkok is my haven of inspiration, Zurich is my home.

The future is about new ideas and projects. I am constantly looking for interesting ways to do what I do so that I am always progressing and so thay life is full of the unexpected.